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15 Winter Weather Life Hacks

Winter is an extremely trying time for most of us. Those three (or six) months of cold temperatures seem endless, but they can be less painful if you’re armed with a few life hacks to stave off frigid weather.

As a new year starts, here are 15 life hacks to add to your arsenal.

1. Spray nonstick cooking spray on your shovel and the snow will come right off every time.

2. To get more grip on slick surfaces, place a few zip ties on your bike tires for better traction.

3. Tired of always having wet socks? Slip a sandwich bag over each sock before putting your shoes on.

4. Shoe holders can also be used to organize scarves, you know.

5. Take shorter, lukewarm showers. You’ll avoid getting dry skin.

6. Put a piece of tin foil behind your radiator or space heater. If will reflect heat back into the house instead of losing it forever.

7. When you’re done cooking a meal in the oven, leave the door open. The heat will fill the house instead of being wasted.

8. Run your ceiling fan clockwise and on a low setting to push warm air back to floor level.

9. Leave your window shades and blinds open in the daytime to let the sun naturally heat the house.

10. Park the car with your windshield facing east so the sun can melt snow on the windshield and warm the car. You won’t have to blast the heater when you climb in.

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6 Tips For A Healthy 2018 & Beyond

It’s that time of the year when most of us want to start the new year with a fresh and clean slate. Every year, millions of people across the globe set New Year resolutions with the hope of bringing a positive change in their life. For those looking to improve their health, the start of a new year is the perfect time to give up some of our unhealthy habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Sepalika presents a list of new year health tips that can improve the quality of your life in the next year and beyond.

Get Sufficient Sleep

This is the most obvious, yet often ignored, health tip. Most of us need nearly eight hours of sleep every night, yet so many of us neglect this basic need of our body. Research has shown that long-term sleep loss can lead to health disorders like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, depression, and heart attack. Insufficient sleep also weakens your immunity, which makes your body vulnerable to illnesses. So if you find yourself catching the flu or a cold easily this season, your poor sleeping habits could be to blame.

Apart from health risks, insufficient sleep also impacts your productivity. Poor sleeping habits, stress, work pressure, and an uncomfortable sleeping environment are some of the reasons behind the lack of sleep. So, this new year, fix your sleep routine and aim to get enough shut-eye for a healthy life.

Drink Enough Water

This is another simple, yet oft-ignored, health tip. Dehydration can lead to various illnesses such as diabetes, damage to kidneys, chronic pain, and can even lead to mood disruptions. Whether you are working indoors or are out there in the field, aim to drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day. There are several mobile apps that remind you to drink water and help you keep a track of your water intake. Daily Water tracker reminder and Aqualert are two among the many such apps. If you find plain water too boring, you can also meet your hydration needs through healthy alternatives like coconut water, home-made vegetable juice, and water-rich foods like watermelon and oranges.

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